Coronavirus Cleaning

Coronavirus Cleaning is here to help! There is a new normal, and with this comes the added responsibility of protecting our team members and clients. Our clients ask for advice and answers to the Covid issue, and how we protect them and their employees. We take this responsibility seriously. Covid has shone a light on our industry as never before, and we at Alianza have been at the forefront of protecting our staff so they can protect yours. Disinfecting to reduce the chances of contracting Covid is paramount, and we have all the equipment, chemicals, and trained staff ready to meet the challenge.

Our team of professionals is using many methods in applying EPA N Listed disinfectants. From old-fashioned spray bottles to wipes to sprayers, misters, and electrostatic sprayers, we are prepared to act. You name it, we do it. It is important to remember that we use these products in line with the CDC guidelines for cleaning however, as of this writing, there are no cleaning products specifically developed to kill the Covid-19 virus.

Alianza also helps building managers and owners develop back-to-work strategies as re-opening a building is not as simple as opening the door and inviting everyone in.  From elevator protocols to hand sanitizing to PPE and more, we are a partner and strive to ensure a smooth transition. Not all buildings closed during the Covid crisis, and much time has been spent ensuring that critical organizations continued to function and outbreaks were kept to a minimum.

A vital component in the fight against Covid is PPE and Alianza has negotiated some great pricing for PPE. Whether your company is looking for Hand Sanitizers and Dispensing Equipment, Masks, Gloves etc. reach out to us and we will quote you a price.


Examples of the Coronavirus Cleaning:

  • High-Touch Areas
  • Doorknobs
  • Tables
  • Windows
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Commercial Bathroom
  • Chairs
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