Regardless of what your building, warehouse, manufacturing plant, medical facility etc. is called we at Alianza are the company with the teams needed to provide the daily cleaning.

Many years ago, if you had a mop, bucket, and a household vacuum cleaner, then a cleaning company you were. Thank goodness those days are far behind us, and our industry now has a different perception. The industry has changed for the better with enhanced training, hiring, benefits, and a sense of worth. Additionally, keeping and finding employees in today’s environment is tough, however, at Alianza, we pay well, train better and listen to our team’s needs. We want our staff to be happy and challenged and work as a unit. By accomplishing this, we have kept our turnover well below the average and, at the same time, kept our client satisfaction high.

So if you have a facility in need of cleaning, are looking to make a change in cleaning companies, or just checking the value of the service you currently are provided, call us at 301.519.7500.

facility cleaning services

Commercial Facility Cleaning Services

  • General Cleaning
  • Power Washing
    The results between Pressure and Power washing are very similar however is Power Washing we are using high temperature water to help achieve the end result.
  • Pressure Washing
    Using normal temperature water and a high PSI we use our pressure washers to remove dirt, grime and algae from most surfaces. The end result is a surface that can look almost and in some case new. Not all surfaces can be power washed so leave this to the professional and allow us to make your building shine.
  • Turnover Cleaning
    Whether you have an apartment building or a rental home prior to the new tenant moving in a deep clean of the premise is a must. Call Alianza and put your mind at rest as our highly trained and professional staff rejuvenates the space.
  • Floor Care – Strip & Recoat
    Hard surface flooring (VCT, Wood, Marble etc.) takes a beating every day and with the mixed weather ( rain, snow, dry and dusty) we have. Floors can soon lose their luster. At Alianza our hard floor care team takes pride in the shine of the floors they look after. Call or email us and let us show you why our clients love our work.
  • Parking Facilities
  • Construction Clean-Up
    The money has been spent making the new or remodeled area/building ready for your tenants. Now it’s time for Alianza to perform its work by ensuring the space is free from all construction debris and dust. Call us and arrange for us to come visit and put the headache in our competent hands.
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
    You see the crews tied off at the top of your building and before you know it the view looking out of the window has improved 200%. Let us bid your work and allow us to make that view 200% better as well.
  • Building & Office Cleaning
    Our base business is maintaining some of the most famous buildings in the area and our reputation is built upon the fantastic work our teams do each and every night. Since day one we have provided trained, background checked professionals who we all can rely on. Let us help you keep your buildings in pristine shape and in todays environment a safe one for your staff and tenants all the time. The old methods or cleaning and disinfecting have changed and Alianza helps lead the way with our state of the art protocols.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning
    The most expensive outlay in a building can sometimes be the Carpet. Keeping that carpet in its best condition takes nightly vacuuming and spot cleaning. The addition of a carpet cleaning program designed to protect the investment and prolong the carpets life is mandatory. Alianza handles specific programs that protect and keep your investment looking its best. Don’t leave the nightly or periodic cleaning to anyone. Choose a company that understands each manufacturers specific maintenance instructions and will help you to maintain a truly healthy environment. It has been proven that carpets hide mold, mildew, dirt, mites etc. therefore a good maintenance program is critical for the health of your carpet and your staffs health. Call Alianza and we are to establish a program for you.
  • Carpet Maintenance
  • Commercial Carpet – Sales & Installation

COVID Cleaning Services

Has there ever been anything as important as this in todays world. Years ago we started using the Electrostatic Cleaners and Misters to assist our customers in the healthcare field and clients that needed special disinfecting of work spaces. Little did we know that by doing this work we were actually training our staff for todays marketplace. Our staff is ready to work for you and your staff to ensure a clean work environment utilizing the EPA N listed products to help fight Covid and the many other bacteria and virus’s that are around us. Don’t call anyone or the newbie on the block who has just purchased a sprayer. Call Alianza for your facility cleaning services and feel safe in your decision to use an expert.

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