We’re all familiar with the adage haste makes waste, and a recent survey on janitor safety proves it. According to the results of a workload survey conducted by researchers on behalf of Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Safety and Health Reports, one in five custodians working in Washington state said they were injured on the job in the past year.

The survey questioned 660 custodians across the state to determine the risk factors they face on the job. Not surprisingly, the respondents revealed the need to rush through their work as one of the leading causes of janitor injury, with 15% of custodians saying they were likely or extremely likely to slip, trip, or fall when they rushed. The survey also found the following:

  • 91% of respondents reported having to work very fast
  • 17% said they never or seldom have enough time to complete their job
  • 33% rated their tools and equipment as poor or fair. Additionally, 35% said their equipment negatively impacts their job, causing them to work slower or harder.
  • 14% said they were not provided with quality cleaning supplies

While janitorial work is not considered exceptionally hazardous, the number of injuries reported by custodians is higher than those reported by workers in other jobs, according the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries reported in its September 2020 edition of Janitorial Workload Newsletter.

Janitor safety makes good sense from both a human and financial standpoint. Not only does Alianza schedule its commercial cleaning jobs in a way that  ensures all janitorial staff have the time they need to perform their duties thoroughly and safely; we provide our team with the right equipment, supplies, and training. In fact the chemicals and training we provide are of the highest standards in the industry and follow CIMS and Green Seal standards.

This helps create a cycle that benefits everyone. It benefits you, our valued client, by ensuring safe, clean environments for your teams to work in. It benefits our employees by keeping them healthy, both physically and mentally. It benefits Alianza, as a company, in two primary ways. First and foremost, we consider our employees family, and their health matters to us. Second, injuries and illness cost us dearly. Therefore, keeping our employees safe saves us money, which helps us keep our insurance costs low, which in turn is reflected in the rates we pass along to our clients.

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