At Alianza, we have been inundated over the past few months with questions and articles on how to prepare a building for reopening during COVID. We have also been protecting those clients of ours who work in the hospital and clinic environments we service throughout the COVID lockdown.

It can be very confusing trying to make sense of all the information that is available. Especially when trying to decipher between what is information versus a sales pitch for a product or hard facts to help protect colleagues and family.

In order to keep focused and on point, we have tried with success to keep away from distractions and concentrate on a few sources for information. This has helped in sorting through the noise and being able to provide our clients with invaluable materials.

When returning to work it is important to train and retrain staff as to what the right protocols are. Just getting into an elevator will be stressful for some. Therefore, having the printed “stand here” logo’s will help everyone to define good and bad spaces to be in.

Make sure that PPE is used, and the building/company has a guideline to be followed.

Cleaning and disinfecting will never be as important for the staff as it is when they return. Let the staff know what has been done, is being done and how they need to act in the restrooms and kitchen.

Ensure that all gathering areas have safe space distancing and that the staff respects the spacing your company has established. Some staff will feel uncomfortable asking a co-worker to value their space especially if a boss. All staff should feel comfortable when asking someone to value their space. A training on how to ask so others don’t get upset is important.

The guidelines list could be never ending and confusing therefore all staff must know what an acceptable action is and what isn’t.

As we have all heard the new normal will also have to be incorporated into the office/manufacturing environment so practice patience as you proceed through this minefield of information.

So below is a list of agencies and vendors we have grown to rely on and hopefully you will too. Some are obvious.